by Bob Barr Since 1926, the SAT has served as the standard of scholastic assessment for college-bound students. Each year, some two million high school students pay at least $47.50 to take the exam, which is virtually mandatory for acceptance... read more by Bob Barr Riley Howell was laid to rest Sunday in Waynesville, North Carolina, at a funeral service with full military honors. He was not killed in a Middle East war zone; he was not even an enlisted member of the Armed Services. Riley was ... read more Bob Barr In the wake of last week’s tragic shooting at a Jewish temple outside San Diego, California, attention is once again focused largely on the instruments used in the murder, rather on the root causes of the incide... read more

The Washington Times by Bob Barr The world is changing, and in the “Internet Age” the pace of change is relentless. Examples abound of victims of such change. Kodak — the company that less than a generation ago was the world leader in providing film... read more