“TSA recommends passengers show up at least 48-hours early for flights,” writes Agent Smith of @TSAgov, a parody Twitter account lampooning the beleaguered Transportation Security Administration. However, when taking a look at the state of security ch... read more

Liberty Guard Opposes Funding for the REAL ID ACT   5/17/2016 (Atlanta, GA) – Liberty Guard today announced its opposition to funding for the Real ID Act. . The REAL ID Act gives broad latitude to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), includin... read more

The principle that every person in the United States is entitled by right to “due process of law,” is so firmly embedded in the legal and cultural fabric of our society, that it hardly bears reminding. Yet, if you happen to be a male student at any co... read more

The prophet Isaiah, in one of his many insights on human nature, warned us in Chapter 57, Verse 20 in the Old Testament book bearing his name, that the wicked never rest. He likened them to “the troubled sea . . . whose waters cast up mire and dirt.” ... read more

For decades, liberals have forewarned the destruction by conservatives of their Ivory Towers of academia. They whine that conservatives are out to “starve” educational institutions by cutting their bloated, taxpayer-funded budgets; they blame conserva... read more

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