Welcome to Liberty Guard

We are the fastest growing pro-liberty organization with an army over 100,000 strong. We stand for privacy, personal autonomy, and individual freedom – freedom from Federal overreach, from oppressive government searches that trample 4th Amendment rights, and from an overly complicated tax code that hampers economic growth.

We seek to identify and galvanize freedom lovers across the U.S., and educate and influence Congress’ policy on liberty issues.

Our Shared Principles

We recognize that life, liberty, and property were granted to us by God, and set forth by our Founding Fathers. Our country was created to protect these freedoms – but has lost sight of their fundamental importance in recent years. We seek to correct that – and place focus back on these founding principles.

Liberty Guard has one mission: Protect and Defend Individual Liberty.

Liberty Guard believes:

  • that less government is the best government
  • that government is the negation of liberty
  • that individuals, and individuals alone, are the best decision-makers for their own lives
  • that individuals are guaranteed the presumption of innocence and the freedom from unreasonable search and seizure
  • that respect for individual property rights are the building blocks of a peaceful society
  • that society is the responsibility of the people, not the government
  • that the government should strive for simplicity, and transparency, in all things

We know that with freedom comes responsibility, and we take that responsibility seriously. We demand a high level of conduct from ourselves as well as from those who represent us. We believe in the principles that our government was founded on, and we live them in our daily lives.

We live in a corrupt world where government does not trust or respect us to make the best decisions for ourselves. Washington is dominated by a political class ruled by money and moral decay. It is awash with cronyism, corruption and cowardice. We wish to return it to the principles of freedom it was founded on, and for which its namesake – George Washington – stood.