by Bob Barr The list of reasons Iran should not become a nuclear nation is lengthy; but recent events present the starkest reason yet why that must never happen. In the broadest sense, nuclear power should not belong to a nation that openly t... read more

Daily Caller by Bob Barr The House impeachment managers and the lawyers for President Donald Trump have both filed their memorandums for the Senate impeachment trial which gets underway in earnest today. While the two documents are nearly identical in len... read more by Bob Barr Virginia Democrats flexed their muscle in Richmond this week; passing four gun control bills through the Senate Judiciary Committee.  This action had been promised by Gov. Ralph Northam since his Party gained majorities in bo... read more

The Daily Caller by Bob Barr Using traditional criteria to measure a candidate’s likelihood of success, it would be easy to dismiss former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s presidential candidacy. Doing so, however, would not be a smart decision... read more by Bob Barr By all accounts, the low-tax, light-touch regulatory environment produced by Congress and the Trump administration has done wonders for America as we enter election year 2020. In the latest jobs report, 321,000 new jobs were ... read more