Liberty Guard stands ready to help the new Administration clarify its priorities in regards to Liberty issues. Here is Liberty Guard's 10-point Liberty Agenda for the first 100 days of the Trump Administration:

We have collected thousands of petitions calling for a flat tax, and are delivering them to Congress on a rolling basis. A flat tax is the simplest, most transparent, and fairest way to collect revenue for the Federal government- and we would not need an ... read more

Finally there is a solid and airtight case to be made for Congress and a Special Counsel to fully investigate the Clintons – and it’s all can be found in “Equal Justice Under the Law” an explosive booklet we have put together and are now distribut... read more

2018 Voter Guide: Liberty Guard wants American voters to know not only who is a warrior for freedom- and who is not- but what votes are the important ones to pay attention to amid the cacophany on Capitol Hill. In an era where overheated rhetoric can be m... read more