Liberty Guard stands ready to help the new Administration clarify its priorities in regards to Liberty issues. Here is Liberty Guard's 10-point Liberty Agenda for the first 100 days of the Trump Administration:

2018 Voter Guide: Liberty Guard wants American voters to know not only who is a warrior for freedom- and who is not- but what votes are the important ones to pay attention to amid the cacophany on Capitol Hill. In an era where overheated rhetoric can be m... read more

We have collected thousands of petitions calling for a flat tax, and are delivering them to Congress on a rolling basis. A flat tax is the simplest, most transparent, and fairest way to collect revenue for the Federal government- and we would not need an ... read more

Finally there is a solid and airtight case to be made for Congress and a Special Counsel to fully investigate the Clintons – and it’s all can be found in “Equal Justice Under the Law” an explosive booklet we have put together and are now distribut... read more

Liberty Guard has joined over a dozen other conservative groups in signing a letter to Congress, urging them to abide by spending caps. Trillion dollar deficits are a bipartisan problem, and require more attention to a solution. Greater fiscal restraint s... read more

This booklet provides a detailed account of Hillary Clinton’s most serious scandals (that we know about so far), including many probable crimes.   Hillary Clinton booklet    

Liberty Guard has been on the forefront to help create massive citizen pressure on the U.S. Justice Department to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Chairman Bob Barr is working to get to the bottom of a d... read more

DEEP STATE EXPOSED! This new booklet by Liberty Guard Chairman and former Congressman Bob Barr, shines a bright light on how the Deep State conspired for craven political purposes to subvert the will of the American people. The Deep State’s central role... read more

The healthcare emergency posed by the Coronavirus, also known as “COVID-19,” has been declared a “national emergency” as well as “emergencies” by numerous governors and municipal officials. Some of these actions are limited and carefully craft... read more