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A Special Project of Liberty Guard


                              “I think this may be the scandals of scandals… one of the biggest
                                bombshell revelations in my memory.”

                                                               Rush Limbaugh, October 26, 2017


EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW:  Why Congress and the  Justice Department MUST investigate Hillary and Bill Clinton



Finally there is a solid and airtight case to be made for Congress and a Special Counsel to fully investigate the Clintons – and it’s all can be found in “Equal Justice Under the Law” an explosive booklet we have put together and are now distributing all across the country.

We believe the information in this booklet could bring long overdue justice to Hillary and Bill Clinton.

It contains everything you need to know – from the Clintons’ past criminal behavior to their crooked deal that gave away 20% of our uranium reserves to Hillary’s $9 million payment for a fake “dossier” that launched a media and federal witch-hunt against President Trump.

The booklet is a key component of Investigate the Clintons Now,one of the most important project of Liberty Guard here in 2018.   The goal of this project it to build public pressure on Congress and the Justice Department to investigate the actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton before and during the 2016 Presidential campaign. There is, for example, a growing mountain of evidence that it was the Clintons, and not President Trump, who colluded with the Russians before and during the 2016 Presidential election.

But, that is just one examples of the legal and political double standard that has existed for more than 25 years now when it comes to the Clintons.  You’ll find many more in “Equal Justice Under the Law: Why Congress and the Justice Department MUST investigate Hillary and Bill Clinton.”

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