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Liberty Guard stands ready to help the new Administration clarify its priorities in regards to Liberty issues. Here is Liberty Guard’s 10-point Liberty Agenda for the first 100 days of the Trump Administration:

• Nominate Mike Lee for the Supreme Court Vacancy.
This is one of the first early tests for the new Administration. Activists who elected Trump will be looking for reassurance. They will find no better nominee than Mike Lee. He clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas; has been a stalwart defender of individual rights and liberties; and would be an excellent choice to fill the late Antonin Scalia’s vacant seat.

• Repeal Dodd-Frank
With it being the second worst bill to emerge from the Obama Administration (the first being the Affordable Care Act), it amounts to over 2000 pages of regulations that are meant to keep the biggest banks in business and prevent smaller ones from growing. One of its more troubling provisions is granting unelected government bureaucrats the ability to replace bank Board members, effectively nationalizing the bank, for no good reason. Then there’s the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a Medusa-like regulation behemoth that impacts nearly everyone everyday; creating burdens on not only the typical bank, but also credit card companies, real estate appraisers, and payday lenders. It was granted vague and arbitrary power by Congress that will only get larger if not reversed

• Reverse Obama’s moves to Regulate the Internet
The FCC’s push to label the Internet as a “public utility” along with ceding “control” of the world wide web to a quasi-private international non-profit has placed the issue of internet freedom front and center. The new Administration must reverse this before it takes hold.

• Repeal Obamacare
If this doesn’t happen, it will be a shock. The only question is what comes after, though Liberty Guard recommends the answer to that question might be: “try freedom.” By removing the government from the doctor-patient relationship, providers finally get the chance to make the correct choices for their patients.

• Tax Reform
The cronyism inherent in the current system is chiseled into the arcane IRS tax code. It’s time to “Drain the Swamp” by taking away its water. If special interests can’t pursue tax carveouts, they will no longer thrive. How about a tax code people actually understand? Cutting the marginal tax rate for both individuals and businesses will reinvigorate growth to America and incentivize companies to bring back jobs — without resorting to outsourcing.

• Balance the Budget
Just as Congress did in the late 1990s, the new Administration should introduce and support legislation that would actually balance the budget — the first time nearly 20 years – while cutting taxes, paying down the $20 trillion dollar deficit, and generate a surplus (reminiscent of the United States at the start of the our Millennium). The current process of “sequestration” should be reversed – mandatory budget cuts that place military spending on the same level as social programs are arbitrary and put the safety and security of Americans at-risk.

• Reform America’s Energy Policy
To assist with our long-term national security, America must become more energy independent. President Trump can do two specific things to ensure this:
o First, he should instruct the Army Corps of Engineers to reverse its decision opposing the North Dakota Access Pipeline. Obama carelessly kowtowed to environmentalists and the “green” protestors to stop this sound and essential project.
o Secondly, after more than six years of review, President Obama rejected the fourth phase of the Keystone XL pipeline. Once completed, the pipeline would be a serious job-creator – not only temporary, but also permanent. It would also contribute billions of dollars to our economy. If these reasons weren’t enough, consider that the pipeline would slowly reverse our dependence on the Middle East’s hegemonic power over fossil fuels and create a path towards energy independence.

• Re-set Priorities at the Department of Justice (DOJ)
The new Attorney General should state with utmost clarity that from his first day in office, the priorities of the Department of Justice would be based on principles of Federalism and strict support of the United States Constitution. No longer will the Department of Justice participate in the “War on Cops,” and partisanship will play no role in federal law enforcement or prosecutions.

• Immediately Implement a Proactive Foreign Policy
As rampant terror attacks by ISIL become commonplace in Europe and other parts of the world, the Trump Administration will have to deal with the terrorist group as a very real and continuing threat. Radical terrorist groups and state-sponsored acts of aggression by oppressive nations (such as China, Russia, and Syria) must know that the hollow threats that were regularly issued from the current Administration are at an end.

• Reform the VA
Recent controversies surrounding the Department of Veterans Affairs illustrate the haphazard care given to those whom sacrifice their lives for our Liberty. Real reforms must be established for strict oversight over providers and their level of care, and which allows veterans to seek treatment from private physicians.