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2018 Voter Guide:

Liberty Guard wants American voters to know not only who is a warrior for freedom- and who is not- but what votes are the important ones to pay attention to amid the cacophany on Capitol Hill. In an era where overheated rhetoric can be mistaken for statesmanship, a sober focus on voting records that affect our liberties, our constitutionally protected freedoms, is a service that Liberty Guard is proud to provide.

To view the 2018 Senatorial Voter Guide click here: 2018 Voter Guide

2016 Presidential Candidate Scorecard:

Beginning in the fall of 2015, Liberty Guard scored all declared candidates in the Democratic and the Republican parties. Each candidate was given a score from zero to ten, based on objective analysis of each.

Candidates were scored based on their on public statements, announced platforms/plans, and their voting record (either as an incumbent or prior public office). The categories included: healthcare, national security, taxation, immigration, electronic privacy, 2nd Amendment, cronyism, budget, education, and ethics; liberty-minded sub-topics were used as the judging criteria. Most notably (and unlike any other scorecard), Liberty Guard rated candidates on cronyism and ethics.

Given that the field narrowed after early caucuses and primaries the scorecard was updated to reflect only the remaining candidates.

To view the most up-to-date 2016 Presidential Scorecard click here: 2016 Presidential Candidate Scorecard

2014 Congressional Scorecard (113th United States Congress):

Liberty Guard works to protect and defend liberty in the real world, including the real world of government where decisions are made and votes cast that impact our liberty in virtually every aspect of our lives. The votes taken by our representatives in Congress have real-world implications, which means that this scorecard is a crucial tool for liberty-minded citizens across the country.

Each piece of legislation was carefully selected to represent Liberty Guards’ core beliefs that:

  • Government is necessary, but less government is the best government.
  • Government is the natural enemy of liberty.
  • Individuals, and individuals alone are the best decision-makers for their own lives.
  • Individuals are guaranteed the presumption of innocence and the freedom from unreasonable search and seizure in all they do.
  • Respect for individual property rights is a basic building block of a productive and peaceful society.
  • The people should demand that government conduct itself with integrity, transparency, and simplicity in all things.


To view the 2014 Liberty Guard Congressional Scorecard, click here: 2014 Voter Scorecard