VIDEO: Liberty Guard delivers ObamaCare petitions to the Supreme Court

On the first day of oral arguments over ObamaCare, Joe Seehusen, President of Liberty Guard, delivered petitions to the Supreme Court urging Justices to overturn the so-called "health care reform" law:

The dumbing down of our politicians’ language

Originally published at The Daily Caller on May 31, 2012.

In recent years, Americans have been repeatedly reminded that the level of “political discourse” in Washington is at an all-time low. This may, of course, be true. But what is equally true — and perhaps more important — is that the level of oratorical eloquence in Washington has declined significantly in the past few years, as a recent study from the Sunlight Foundation confirms.

DC school decides Trayvon Martin case trumps ABCs

Originally published at The Daily Caller on May 28, 2012.

The demonization of George Zimmerman and the deification of Trayvon Martin continues.

There is little doubt in the eyes of the media and a certain element in American society that George Zimmerman, the man now formally charged with the murder of Trayvon Martin, is guilty. Much like the Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carroll’s fable, Alice in Wonderland, many would just as soon sentence Zimmerman first and try him later, if at all.

Census nonsense

Originally published at The Daily Caller on May 25, 2012.

Unlike some provisions in the Constitution which require reference to outside material, such as the Federalist Papers, to clarify the Framers’ intent, the mandate in Article I requiring a decennial census is crystal clear. Section 2 directs the government to count the number of people within the United States every 10 years, period.